Add ROS key problem

I’m trying to install ROS melodic on the Intel Edison. I got the error:

So I found out that I can add it manually:

Also even if you are going to compile ROS from source you need to install

Rosserial. Connect Arduino Mega and Intel Edison.

I needed to connect my Arduino and Edison through serial connction.
First of all run the Arduino IDE an get the library “Rosserial” version 1.7.8 (for ROS Lunar). Upload the sketch:
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OpenFrameWorks with ofxCv in the QTCreator

Today we’ll talk about an amazing toolkit Openframeworks.
I installed it (stable 0.9.8 version) on Ubuntu 16.04 without any problems (see instruction, but don’t forget to run the script).

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UART connect Intel Edison and Arduino Mega 2560

If you want to connect some motor shields or sensors to Intel Edison you can do it by an extension board. But you’ll probably have to code a special libs for this. Instead of it you can connect an Arduino board to Intel Edisson and connect them though the UART interface.

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Joystick and Intel Edison

The Ubilinux doesn’t have the joydev module. I don’t know why. Correspondingly, we can’t start the xboxdrv program. There are two ways to fix this problem. The first one: you have to download the following kernels-headers for Yocto:

and then compile by yourself with the command:

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Connect the Kinect v. 2.0 to UP board

I have been waiting fo a long time a mobile device which is able to receive the data from the Kinect v. 2.0 (XBox One). The device must have a USB 3.0 port. Finally I found the board on Kickstarter. Its name is UP Board.

Kinect 2.0 for Windows + UP Board
Kinect 2.0 for Windows + UP Board

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The ROS install to the OS Ubilinux

I told you how to install the OS Ubilinux on the Intel Edison board in the last post. I need this system for using the ROS (Robotic Operation System). I also need some functions which doesn’t included to the standard comm version:

  • communication between Edison and Arduino Mega through serial port (UART)
  • receiving frames from USB-camera and transmitting them with OpenCV support
  • getting gamepad commands (XBox or DualShock)
  • creating custom message types

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Installing the Ubilinux on the Intel Edison board

This post about the Ubilinux installation on the Intel Edison board. The Ubilinux allows you to install the ROS and use its power. Before following this tutorial I recommend to extend partition size of board with an SD card: read this.
1. The Ubilinux installation.

You will be needed in the edison driver in you are using Windows: IntelEdisonDriverSetup1.2.1.exe.

To prepare for the installation we have to install the dfu-util (USB Device Firmware Upgrade). To do this you have to input to terminal on your desktop machine (in my case it is Ubuntu 14.04):

Then we should download the Ubilinux from the EmutexLab site and unzip it:

After that we go to the directory and run the firmware script:

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