Installing the Ubilinux on the Intel Edison board

This post about the Ubilinux installation on the Intel Edison board. The Ubilinux allows you to install the ROS and use its power. Before following this tutorial I recommend to extend partition size of board with an SD card: read this.
1. The Ubilinux installation.

You will be needed in the edison driver in you are using Windows: IntelEdisonDriverSetup1.2.1.exe.

To prepare for the installation we have to install the dfu-util (USB Device Firmware Upgrade). To do this you have to input to terminal on your desktop machine (in my case it is Ubuntu 14.04):

Then we should download the Ubilinux from the EmutexLab site and unzip it:

After that we go to the directory and run the firmware script:

Now we see the notation: Now waiting for dfu device. We need to connect Edison to computer via OTG microUSB port j16 (the switch should be in near j16 position). The port supplies the Ethernet connection, the Arduino sketches transfer and the mass storage access.
If the board is already connected then we need to push reset button on the Edison. Then we have to wait until the Ubilinux completes.
Further we should wait another two minutes during the board restarts. After that connect the second microUsb port to the desktop.
Enter the command:

The blinking cursor appears in the terminal window.
Press enter:
Input the login: root
Password: edison:
2. LAN setup.
To wi-fi connect we should open the interfaces file:

Delete # in the string auto wlan0.
Change wpa-ssid parameter to your wi-fi name, and write to wpa-psk wi-fi password. I use the static connection:
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
# For WPA
wpa-ssid NameOfAccesPoint
wpa-psk myPassword

To save parameters press ctrl+x, and agree: y, enter.
Then enter:

Try to ping some site:

If there are no pings, firts try to reboot Edison. If it doesn’t help try correct manually DNS:


To save press ctrl+x, agree y, enter.
3. The account creation.

After the command we have to enter our password. Then:

,where duferob we change to our personal account name (it is more convenient when on Ubuntu and Edison the same accounts and passwords).

Open the hosts file:

and add the string ubilinux
Now we logout:

And enter you password when it requested.

That’s all. We will install ROS to our Ubilinux in next part of this tutorial.

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