The ROS install to the OS Ubilinux

I told you how to install the OS Ubilinux on the Intel Edison board in the last post. I need this system for using the ROS (Robotic Operation System). I also need some functions which doesn’t included to the standard comm version:

  • communication between Edison and Arduino Mega through serial port (UART)
  • receiving frames from USB-camera and transmitting them with OpenCV support
  • getting gamepad commands (XBox or DualShock)
  • creating custom message types

The OpenCV installing.

First of all we need install the GIT:

Also we install webcam compression support:

And then we compile the OpenCV:

Also, I have deleted the git folder of the OpenCV because its big size.

Установка ROS.
The ROS installation.

We need to install ROS repositories:

Update the repositories:

Install needed bootstrap dependencies:

Initialize rosdep:

Create catkin Workspace

Now, get ROS using wstool. Don’t forget to add ros_control and joystick_drivers for the gamepad support, cv_bridge and image_transport for the webcam support and image transmitting:

Initialize the wstool:

Install the cmake and update the sources.list:

If you have some errors then go to SU and input:

The console bridge installation:

The liblz4b-dev installation




The ROSDEP installation:

Add a full list of standard messages. It is necessary for the Arduino ros_lib:

Input this and wait (about an hour)

Update .profile and .bashrc

That’s all. The ROS ready to run.

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