Jubilinux 3.0 stretch and a gamepad.

After my sd-card crashing I found a new version of Ubilinux on  jubilinux.org. Thank you, Robin Kirkman!

I installed the 3.0 unstable version, but there isn’t the joydev module. Then I used the Ronin’s helper.
Do it on the PC:

You should find the joydev, set a mark, save and close the configurator.
Now you can upload this firmware to your Edison.
If you want to update the Edison (with stretch!) then:
Now, let’s connect PS dualshock 4 to xboxdrv via bluetooth, update the system and all applications except the bluez.
To view the joy you need to hold Share+PS buttons on the gamepad. And you’ll see Wireless Controller.
To find out which directory is getting the commands enter this command with the gamepad off and on, and search the difference. In my case, the dir is event2.
Now try xboxdrv:

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