UART connect Intel Edison and Arduino Mega 2560

If you want to connect some motor shields or sensors to Intel Edison you can do it by an extension board. But you’ll probably have to code a special libs for this. Instead of it you can connect an Arduino board to Intel Edisson and connect them though the UART interface.

First of all you have to switch SW1 on your Edison board to the second position. Connect 8(RX),9(RX), GND of the Arduino to 1(TX), 0(RX), GND of the Edison correspondingly.
Now you should set pins of the Edison as root:

If you’ve yielded the error like this: Device or resource busy. It is normal. It seems that your pin is already set.
If you’ve yielded the error like this:
Check your SW1 switch, power off the Edison and start it with AC adapter power supply (not micro USB power).
Write and upload the sketch to the Arduino Mega:
After that you can test:

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