OpenFrameWorks with ofxCv in the QTCreator

Today we’ll talk about an amazing toolkit Openframeworks.
I installed it (stable 0.9.8 version) on Ubuntu 16.04 without any problems (see instruction, but don’t forget to run the script).

I decided to use QT Creator IDE (version 4.1 or 4.2 is recommended), witch can be configured.
But I don’t want to use a default ofxOpenCv addon. Instead I want to use the ofcCv addon, witch allows me to use OpenCv functions. So I go to Github and download (you can clone) a stable version. Unzip it to your OF addon’s folder and rename a folder to ofxCv.
Now you can run QTCreator and create a new project:

Then do steps like me:

Attention! The path should be like OF/apps/myApps.

Select some needed addons.

Ok. That’s all.

Now let’s add the ofxCv addon. Se the yourApp.qbs file:

We should add:


Add image variables to ofApp.h in public:

Now we can use the OpenCV functions in our program. Go to pfApp.cpp and add:

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