Rosserial. Connect Arduino Mega and Intel Edison.

I needed to connect my Arduino and Edison through serial connction.
First of all run the Arduino IDE an get the library “Rosserial” version 1.7.8 (for ROS Lunar). Upload the sketch:
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Jubilinux 3.0 stretch and a gamepad.

After my sd-card crashing I found a new version of Ubilinux on Thank you, Robin Kirkman! Continue reading “Jubilinux 3.0 stretch and a gamepad.”

Joystick and Intel Edison

The Ubilinux doesn’t have the joydev module. I don’t know why. Correspondingly, we can’t start the xboxdrv program. There are two ways to fix this problem. The first one: you have to download the following kernels-headers for Yocto:

and then compile by yourself with the command:

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