OpenFrameWorks with ofxCv in the QTCreator

Today we’ll talk about an amazing toolkit Openframeworks.
I installed it (stable 0.9.8 version) on Ubuntu 16.04 without any problems (see instruction, but don’t forget to run the script).

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The ROS install to the OS Ubilinux

I told you how to install the OS Ubilinux on the Intel Edison board in the last post. I need this system for using the ROS (Robotic Operation System). I also need some functions which doesn’t included to the standard comm version:

  • communication between Edison and Arduino Mega through serial port (UART)
  • receiving frames from USB-camera and transmitting them with OpenCV support
  • getting gamepad commands (XBox or DualShock)
  • creating custom message types

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Install the OpenCV 3.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 with CUDA support

Hello, today we’ll install the OpenCV library on the Ubuntu 14.04 operation system. We need the installed CUDA 7.5 (we have done it in the previous post). First, we have to update our Ubuntu system. Open your terminal and execute:

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